Accident Damage Advice

If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident and the accident is not your fault, please take note of the following!

Accident Damage Advice

Some Insurance Companies imply that you do not have a choice where your vehicle is to be repaired – You Do.

You can choose whichever Vehicle Body Repairer you like and the insurer is obliged to meet all reasonable costs of the repairs.

We will also ensure that you have a Courtesy vehicle, if required, for the duration of the repairs. When the repairs have been completed you will be invited to inspect the vehicle, to ensure your total satisfaction, we will then ask you to sign the repair acceptance note. Only then will RGM send the final invoice to your Insurance Company for payment.

Always Remember...

It's your vehicle and it's your choice. 

RGM will carry out an estimate of the damage sustained.

If the vehicle is not drivable, we will arrange for you to receive a replacement vehicle (Or if you are a commercial van driver we can also provide a light commercial vehicle).

If the damaged vehicle is not drivable we can also arrange for it’s recovery to our purpose built bodyshop

We will carry out a repair estimate and send it to your Insurance Company.

We will monitor the claim situation and keep you informed at all times.

When the insurance engineer has agreed figures, we will commence the repair work without further delay.

We are here to help

If the accident is not your fault and you do not want to go through your Insurance Company, one phone call to RGM will ensure that your vehicle is fully restored and that you are kept mobile throughout the repair process.

The claim will be fully processed by RGM through to the third
party insurers, to include any and all personal injury claims if
applicable, relieving you of all the concerns associated
with the normal trials and tribulations of insurance
claim procedures.